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We can monitor servers or individual websites and automatically notify you if there is a problem, and in some cases even go in and fix the problem for you. We use programs to automatically check the status of various services/ports at whatever interval you prefer. If a service/port is unavailable, the program automatically checks again a few times at a much shorter interval, and if it's not back up, sends an email to us and to you, as well as sending a text message to our cell phone and any text messaging device you choose.

We can monitor any of the following services/ports, and even custom ones at your request.
- http (usually port 80)
- SSL/https (usually port 443)
- ftp (usually port 21)
- SSH/sftp (usually port 22)
- Telnet (usually port 23)
- exim (usually port 25)
- POP (usually port 110)
- whois (usually port 43)

We will have more information here, along with prices, soon. In the meantime, please contact us to find out more.